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Ladies Kickin' Ass is the place for ambitious, unapologetic women service entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their network and their mindset through the community with other like-minded, badass boss babes who have decided to step into their authentic selves and just do the DAMN thing!

Ready to stop playing small and build that service business? Well, lets GO!

Hey There Badass!

ladies Kickin' Ass Community

then Welcome to the 

Are you ready to stop shrinking yourself and find that group of ladies that just gets you? 
Are you ready to have a cheering squad that can't wait to hear your next big idea?
Are you craving business besties and women to collaborate with?

Are you looking for business guidance, mentorship & coaching specific to the service industry? industry?

If your answer to these questions is a

You Don't Have To Anymore!

Sick of doing Business Alone!

At Ladies Kickin Ass, we've got the guts to shake things up and offer you an unapologetically badass solution. Say goodbye to the solitary struggle and embrace the power of community. Our tribe is packed with fiercely ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to kick ass, take names, and conquer the world together. No more isolation, no more self-doubt.

Join our revolution and be part of a vibrant collective that thrives on collaboration, support, and relentless growth. Unleash your inner badass and let's rewrite the rules of success. Get in on the action now and discover a whole new level of business domination.
Let's rock the world like the badass entrepreneurs we were born to be!

Listeners of Ladies Kickin' Ass are ready to call their own shots and create a life and business that they truly adore. We chat about our wins, losses, business, relationships, and family, and how to get hell out of our own way, and believe in ourselves and our big ideas!

With two guest episodes a week, plus bonus pods from the host, you are guaranteed to learn something new that you can implement into your life.


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Ladies Kickin Ass

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Join the Kickin Ass Club—where unstoppable women band together to conquer challenges and crush goals. Dive into a whirlwind of high-octane inspiration, group coaching, and a sisterhood that champions each other's success.

Badass Mentorship: Get guidance from the best in the business.
Monthly Masterclasses: Prepare for insights that ignite your potential.
Live Q&A Sessions: No question goes unanswered. We’ve got you covered!
Punchy Mini-Courses: Bite-sized wisdom to fuel your ambitions and more

And if you thought that was all, think again! Gain exclusive access to podcast recordings that’ll rev up your spirit, marketing tips that make you the talk of the town, and a treasure trove of resources designed to supercharge your journey.

At "Ladies Kickin' Ass", it's all about connection. We champion collaboration and community over competition. If you've been on the hunt for your business soulmates—welcome home!

Kickin Ass Club

Community Membership

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Ready to elevate your business with some extra help or even hands on help? YAY, girl! We got ya covered!

Inside our One-To-One Coaching experience, we'll dive deep into mindset mastery, smashing through service business roadblocks, and cook up cutting-edge marketing strategies, systems and processes that'll set your business on fire.

Need more customized help? You'll want to check out Kickin' Ass Consulting Services – where we dive headfirst into your business, roll up our sleeves with you, and get to work! From setting up shop to optimizing strategies, we're your partners in success.

Get ready to blaze a trail to success like never before!

Coaching & Consulting

let's do this together


“This community is EXACTLY what my
bold spirit has been craving. I'm free to be me!”


It's so nice to meet you! 

I know first hand that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, challenging world that should be celebrated a lot more than it is. You've got this business baby with so many tasks, never ending to-do lists and more!
I finally said ENOUGH and as a service business entrepreneur decided to create a community that I craved so deeply. Ladies Kickin' Ass is a place where everyone belongs. It's a home for the bold babes that don't feel like themselves in most rooms. It's a support team like you've never experienced before. It's full of incredible women who want to give more than they take. It's a place where you realize that your potential is limitless and you can fearlessly be your bold self and be celebrated for "BEING TOO MUCH"! I'm so glad you are here.

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