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Welcome to the powerhouse trifecta of services designed exclusively for the ambitious woman ready to leave her mark! Dive into our Kickin Ass Club Membership for a community-driven experience that supercharges your growth journey. If you seek tailored guidance, the 1:1 EmpowerHer Sessions are your avenue to harnessing a potent mix of mindset mastery and strategic prowess. And for those in the home service realm, eager to shatter the "we've always done it this way" mold, our badass Business Consulting paves the way for digital transformation and brand elevation. Whatever your need, I've crafted a solution to ensure you're not just in the game but leading it!



You're in the right place.

You have found the ultimate hub for empowering women to thrive in the digital world and excel in their service-based businesses! We all know that if you aren't building your online brand and elevating your online reputation, you are being skipped over in your industry by the companies that ARE! I know you are better, but does your online presence tell prospective clients that story? If you're on the struggle bus here, please keep reading, I've got you covered babe!

I looked for years to find an online community where, as a service-business entrepreneur, I could connect with and learn from other women like me.  It didn't exist! So instead of complaining about it or settling for just another networking group, I built what I know so many of you need.

If you're a service-based business owner looking to conquer the online realm and elevate your brand and business, you've come to the right place!

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what step one is! I'm your girl!

You're in the right place.

According to a recent study, approximately 97% of potential clients conduct online research before selecting a service-based business.

This includes reading reviews, checking the business's website, exploring their social media presence, and comparing services offered.

Online reputation and digital presence play a crucial role in influencing their final decision. 

Ladies Kickin' Ass will help you build the service business brand of your dreams - one that gets recognized and one that you can monetize!

The Stats Are Clear


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:



Join my EmpowerHer Sessions, designed for dynamic women balancing entrepreneurship and life's roles; we'll tackle mindset, strategize business challenges, prioritize self-care, and with my firsthand experience, ensure you're truly kickin' ass!

1:1 Empowerher Sessions

This is where we dive headfirst into your business, roll up our sleeves with you, and get to work! From setting up shop to optimizing strategies, we're your partners in success.

Business consulting

The Kickin' Ass Club, is an online community and learning center for you to expand your mind, skills and be part of a badass group of business besties! You'll be part of members directory, mini-courses and monthly masterclasses


Ways to Work Together

Empowerment & Growth: Unlock exclusive masterclasses, resources, and tools designed to elevate your entrepreneurial journey. With each session, witness your skills sharpen, horizons expand, and confidence soar.

Unified Community: Connect with a tribe of like-minded, ambitious women, fostering collaboration over competition. Build lasting relationships, share experiences, and harness the collective strength to overcome challenges.

Exclusive Access: Dive into private podcasts, Q&A sessions, and unique content tailored to drive your success and ignite your passion. Stay ahead of the curve with insights and strategies reserved only for tribe members, ensuring you're always equipped for success

Kickin' Ass Club

Community Membership

Passion-Driven: You're an ambitious entrepreneur hungry for growth.

Community Seeker: You value support from like-minded women.

Content Hungry: You crave exclusive insights to elevate your business.


I'm All In! Sign me Up!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to my EmpowerHer Sessions, exclusively crafted for you. If you're a fiery woman juggling the worlds of entrepreneurship, maybe  motherhood, and other social commitments like I do, then these sessions are just for you.

We'll delve deep into mindset shifts, map out strategies to navigate those business curves, and dive into the latest marketing techniques, ensuring self-care isn't left on the backburner.

I know firsthand the roller-coaster of being an entrepreneur, a mama, wifey and then some. But guess what? I've got your back, because I've been right where you are. Let's partner up, amplify your journey, and make sure you're not just ticking boxes but truly kickin' ass in all areas of your life!

1:1 EmpowerHer Sessions 

let's do this together

Ambitious Mompreneurs:  You struggle with the juggle and need help!

Trailblazers: You want to shake up your industry and need guidance.

Self-Investors: You know your mindset can use some work to get you to the next level!


Lets talk about your goals!

Business Consulting


Ready to catapult your service business into the digital age? Dive into our Business Consulting Services designed for the modern entrepreneur. I will help you transition you from old-school paper invoices and files to sleek, efficient CMS and shared digital systems. Not tech-savvy? No worries!

I'll guide you in setting up and mastering social media platforms, amplifying your online presence, and ensuring your brand reputation shines with stellar online reviews and customer feedback. From digital marketing tactics to tailored strategies that make a difference, if you're feeling the pinch and thinking, "I JUST NEED HELP!" — look no further. I'm your gal, ready to elevate your game!


A service business eager to break free from the "that's the way we've always done it" mindset and embrace digital awesomeness! 

You're ready to dig in to your business with me!

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