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Ladies Kickin' Ass is the unfiltered podcast that dives deep into the raw essence of who we are: the relentless pursuit of our passions, the battles we've fought, the frustrations that fuel us, the victories that ignite our fire, and the authentic, imperfect experiences that shape us into the fierce, unapologetic badasses we are. We explore taboo topics because we know that embracing our humanity, flaws and all, is what sets us apart as true warriors. Get ready to unleash your inner badass with unapologetic conversations on Ladies Kickin Ass!

the Ladies kIckin Ass podcast

We teach you how to show up online and in your life!

The #1 thing I hear while consulting businesses is this: I don't know how to show up on social. Girl! No more of that! LKA brings you the industry bosses when it comes to marketing, branding and showing up for your business and/or your personal brand.

Real Life Tactics To Implement In Your Business - TODAY!

Through Tanya's coaching and the tactics of our weekly podcast & mastermind guests, your will finish this podcast feeling like you know what you can do to makes some improvements in your business or life super quick!

We'll help you unlock that warrior inside of you and get her out in the world. Through powerful conversations about motivation and manifestation, we'll help you conquer your dreams and set your life on fire!

How to Start Showing Up Like the Badass You Are!

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Small Business Bookkeeping Tips with guest Tiffany Brantner

Jess Burgio - Finding the women you want to do business & life with!

Unleash Your Online Presence: Expert Tips from Kylie Strawn Badger

You Are An Investment... Not An Expense!

#47 - Building Brands and Empowering Mama Entrepreneurs with Heather Lackey


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- BL54

The Real Deal!
Authentic, genuine and beautiful conversations. I love Tanya’s heart and it shines in these great conversations with women in service of improving the service industry and empowering women leaders.

Five Stars:

- Jojo1800

She’s my soul sister
I adore Tanya. I feel like she’s my soul sister. She says what I’m thinking and takes no punches with it. This is my new favorite listen to in the car!!

Five Stars:

- AEB16

Love Love Love this!
Such a great podcast! I would very much recommend listening on Tanya’s conversations with other amazing people. Hearing all these things that I could change to help me improve I would listen 24/7!

Five Stars:



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Building a Fair and Equitable Workplace - A Discussion with Bree Johnson, an Employee Rights Attorney

Talkin’ out Life, Family & Personal Development with Tierney Shirrell

Embrace Your Authenticity, Stop Apologizing, and Give Yourself Grace

Elevating Mindset & Lifestyle for Endless Energy and Vibrant Health with Sabrina Carter

Joanne Bolt - Get In The Room! Business Friendship & Endless Opportunities


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It's so nice to meet you! 

I know first hand that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, challenging world that should be celebrated a lot more than it is. You've got this business baby with so many tasks, never ending to-do lists and more!
I finally said ENOUGH and as a service business entrepreneur decided to create a community that I craved so deeply. Ladies Kickin' Ass is a place where everyone belongs. It's a home for the bold babes that don't feel like themselves in most rooms. It's a support team like you've never experienced before. It's full of incredible women who want to give more than they take. It's a place where you realize that your potential is limitless and you can fearlessly be your bold self and be celebrated for "BEING TOO MUCH"! I'm so glad you are here.

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Tanya Wilson

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Each episode of Ladies Kickin' Ass is an invigorating journey, brimming with authentic stories, honest conversations, and unwavering ambition. We explore the lives of remarkable women who fearlessly pursue their dreams, sharing the challenges they've faced, the pivotal moments that ignited their passion, and the valuable lessons they've learned. From celebrating successes to navigating setbacks, we uncover the real-life experiences that inspire, motivate, and empower. Tune in to Ladies Kickin' Ass for a dose of inspiration and a reminder that you too can embrace your inner strength and kick ass in your own unique way.

My superpower is helping women drop the "just" and be proud of who they are and what they do!
You're plumber, GREAT!  You own a day care, WOW!   You're a Mama, YES!   You're a hairdresser, AWESOME! 

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